At Light Speed: The History and Physics of Light

A collection of Blogs on the history and physics of light.

The Lens of Gravity: Einstein’s Rings

Rays and caustics of gravitational lenses

Casual Caustics and the Optics of Rays

Caustic envelopes of deflected optical rays.

A Short History of the Photon

The history of Quantum Optics from Einstein to Glauber

Quantum Seeing without Looking?

Quantum seeing in the dark.

A Commotion in the Stars

The history of the Doppler effect in science and medicine.

Snell’s Law

Five separate derivations of Snell’s famous law of refraction

The Iconic Eikonal

The Eikonal Equation of ray optics.

Mind at Light Speed: A New Kind of Intelligence (Free Press, 2001)

A book on the physics of the optical internet and the future of optical computers.